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The first-of-its-kind climate change cookers, 3g+gas cookers


The time it takes to prepare some raw foodstuffs could elicit the thought of how long will the gas last or how much would it affect the bills, assuming a variety of things were prepared? What percentage of income of families, businesses could this represent? What if 30% of the income was not wasted due to poor efficiency, which otherwise would be used to provide essential commodities in homes, businesses, and other sectors?

The 3g+gas cookers are produced with gas-saving, cost-saving and enhanced nutritional processing concern.The eco-friendly cooker device has about 34% better performance in gas-savings which reduces, potentially, cooking expenses by 30-40%. It is the world’s first climate change cooker with scavenge technology.

It is designed for special need application as well as for homes, businesses, and industry.It can serve as a nutritional multi-use pressure process system for medical and healthcare centers.With the eco-friendly and low emission performance, potentially, 3g+gas preshoo cookers can be used to cut cooking fuel costs, lower household pollution, mitigate wood-felling and deforestation in rural and urban areas, as well serve as an efficient new energy and synthetic fuel burners, including bio-fuel burners. Patent awarded against imitation.

Techno-economic Benefits

Advanced design comes with bio-evonic sensors. With special discount for refuge homes, orphanages, special need homes, widow organizations, children hostels, health care facilities and wedding ceremony, the cookers can be purchased at comparable prices.


Gas Saving


Cost Saving


Time Saving

It is suited to natural gas, bio-fuel, wood burners, etc. The new climate change cooker application includes conserv-pressure cooking integral with gas saver micro-mesh entrapment technology, DES drying system. In addition, it comes with a bakesy pressure cooker and oven system, all-in-one. Typical cookers and pressure cookers are standalone. It can be used along with normal gas, kerosene and electricity cookers, etc.

The physically challenged have need for special care; this device is designed for special need application in addition: for our brethren who need special care, in order to cater for their nutritional processing need in an environmentally friendly manner, fast and cheap.
Write us for discount and to donate to the needy, stating the number of units required and type, we will get back to you.


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